Wednesday, August 12, 2009

COMING SOON! Country Dog Behavior Part Zwei (That's German for two)

I've heard through the grapevine that my fans are getting restless so I'm trying to get on the ball with my new blog. Alex is going through a transition (and apparently that means I'm effected as well, but I guess that's only fair; I mean she did have to put up with some pretty smelly farts coming from me when the doctor recommended I take fish oil pills for my back-ne, but we are so even now) between working and starting grad school. It's working out pretty good for me. She's been REAL busy so I've been chillin' out at my country home. Guess I'm making a transition now back to being a city girl. It's been tough, but I'll pull through. Don't you worry.

Now that I have audience though, I want to make sure you all know that I won't be letting you down. I'm posting soon. Really really soon. Like you might not even read this preview before I post again. BAM-yeah, that just happened.

BUT right now, I've got to go to the dog park. It hasn't reached the height of the summer heat yet today and us fat girls got to go when the goin's good. So peace out for now. I'll be posting soon! Oh and to keep you going, here's a pic of what I'll be looking like in about 20 minutes (15 if Alex would let me have some of her Hot Pocket, but that's neither here nor there...I mean, you gotta pick your battles, right?). So yeah, I'm out~


P.S. Thanks, Yvetta, for reminding Alex where her priorities lie. It's a full time job keeping her on track and I appreciate any assistance I can get.