Thursday, January 7, 2010


Wow, I was just looking over my last few posts and I can't believe that I have been doing this since October of 2008! Insane! I feel like I have matured quite a bit (especially with my vocabulary) and I hope all of you have grown with me. I do feel like I need to try a new look's one of the options I'm considering:

Yeah, you're right. Wouldn't really be good for my lifestyle. I mean, seems pretty high maintenance and that's not how I like to roll, ya feel me? Two good stretches and a shake and bring on the day, homie. Damn. Sorry bout the ebonics...Alex has been listening to Jay-Z again. It nearly makes me wish she was still going through her Taylor Swift phase. lol I totally lied when I promised I'd never tell anyone that! Sigh that human...she's such an idiot sometimes.

BUT that is not the real reason I'm writing. I've just had THE BEST IDEA EVER. Seriously. You're going to lose control of your bladder (or worse) when you see this shit (<-- that would be the worse). It's effing sweet.

So grab a poop bag before you check out my next post. It's going to be that friggin' awesome. You know how sometimes people build stuff up and then you see it and are disappointed? Well this is totally not like that. Swear on my stack of Greenie coupons. Toodles~


P.S. Woo-woo, bias.

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YML said...

You're back!!!! YAY!